Hire Barvinok

Dance Descriptions

1. Pryvit - "Welcome Dance". The ornate costumes of brilliant colours, represent the western, eastern, and central regions of Ukraine. "Pryvit" reflects the ancient bond between the Ukrainian people and the rich dark soil of their homeland. Our dancers greet our guests not only with their energy and passion of the Ukrainian Dance but with a basket full of fruit, symbolizing the bounty and fertility of the land, a basket of pysanky (Easter eggs), symbolizing our rich traditions and their preservation, and a basket of bread, symbolizing good health, wealth and good fortune of the earth.
( 10 minutes)

2. Povzunets - As a favourite past time of the kozaks, the boys enjoy sitting around trying to out-do one another with challenging dance steps while trying to catch a grasshopper.
( 4.30mins)

3. Volyn - A vibrant, energetic dance from the northwestern region of Ukraine. The polka, hopping, and spinning couple's steps characteristic of this dance is emphasized by the swish of the women's skirts and the lower portion of the men's jackets.
( 6 mins)

4. Hopak - A traditional dance displaying the various talents of each of the dancers. It is danced in pairs, side by side, in a circle, in lines and with solos. Full of leaps and high kicks, a perfect finale to every show.
(7 mins)

The finale dance of every Barvinok performance is the Hopak. It originated centuries ago with the Ukrainian Kozaks who fought for their beloved country. The present day Hopak is very fast and energetic. It showcases the talents of the dancers: the strength of the males and the grace and beauty of the females. You will be able to see as many as 10 solos. We guarantee to have you clapping and rising to your feet.

5. Arkan - a dance of men/boys originating from the Carpathian Mountains. Performed in a circle. (3.20 mins)

6. Hutzul - In the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, the people have a unique style of dance and costume. The energetic dance with sure-footed steps, circular patterns, typical shaking, lifts and spins rapidly increase to a whirling finish. (4mins)

7. Buko - From the Bukovynian region of western Ukraine come energetic dances full of lively, stomping feet that demonstrate precision and intricate footwork. (4 mins)

8. Lemko - The Western Carpathian Mountains brings us a dance where the young men show their agility, suppleness and strength as they try to impress the girls. The girls in turn return the compliment with subtle, graceful movements. The dance finishes with a resounding flourish and unexpected turn of events. (3mins)

9. Byla Mene Maty/ Zakarpatia - This dance begins with a mother teaching her daughter a lesson for staying out late at night. The dance proceeds with all the dancers joining in to help forget an otherwise awkward moment. Men typically do a lot of clapping and slapping of their bodies and boots. The long puffy skirts of the women are made to swish with any slight movement of the hips or upward thrust of the knees. (6 mins)

10. Dance Mosaic - A powerful dance performed by the girls, to display the intricate dance steps of various regions of the Ukraine. (8.30 minutes)

11. Polissia Polka - This region lies in Western Ukraine on the south-eastern slopes of the Carpathian mountains. The circle dance is lively, energetic with intricate foot combinations. (4.20mins)

12. Dyki Tantsi - "Wild Dances" was taken from Eurovision's 2004 Ruslana's best selling album. It is a modern interpretation of traditional Ukrainian ethnic music and dance mixed with rock. This dance was inspired by our dancers after our 2004 Tour of Ukraine. ( 3 mins.)

13. Gypsy