Track Tasks

Click 'Create a New Task', write down what you need to do, select effort level and press enter.

Manage Tasks

You can organize tasks on the board by dragging the task up or down. From Todo section to Doing. Click on Task status to mark it as done.

Change Task

You can change the task name, add a description or a due date. We've added an Effort setting for each task (Easy, Medium and Hard) to help you better decide what to work on next.

Move Tasks To Another Board

If you have more than one board, i.e. you use sprints, you can move a task from one board to another.

Break down tasks into subtasks

If your task is a difficult one, and requires more steps, break it down into subtasks.

A Life of a Task

Create a task, make changes, move to doing, complete it and maybe undo it.