Creating Boards

A board is simply a place where you can organize your tasks.

Create your Board

Creating a board is simple. Click on the New Board link in the top right corner of the app. Enter a name and optional description, and you're ready.

Add Tasks

To add tasks, click on the Create New Task button at the bottom of the board page. New tasks go into the Todo section. You can drag tasks to the Doing section and select Done from the status menu to move them to the Done section.

Completing Boards

You can complete the board when you've finished all the tasks on it. Completing the board moves to the completed section. Optionally, any unfinished tasks can be moved to a new board, an existing board, or left in the old board.

Completed Boards

Completed boards details page lists all the tasks that were finished on this board. If you chose to leave unfinished tasks on a completed board, they will be shown there as well.

My Boards

On the My Boards page, you can see all open boards. Completed Boards are listed below the Open Boards so that you can quickly review your past work. Now, you can easily reorder the boards.