Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boardly?

Boardly is the simplest planning board made for people who need to manage personal and work projects independently.

You can use it for things like a todo list, to manage goals, track calls, or develop software.

Is Boardly Free?

Yes, Boardly is free for anyone with an email address. We do not intend to charge for it in the future.

We designed it to manage small projects in the simplest way possible.

What can I use Boardly for?

Boardly can be used for personal projects, work projects, fun things to do and random lists.

For example:

  • Bills to pay
  • People to invite to the party
  • Acme Inc. Project Tasks
  • Calls to return
  • Clients To Meet
  • Places to visit
  • Things you have borrowed and should return
How does Boardly Work?

With Boardly, you create boards to manage and track your task. A board can be for weekly tasks, monthly tasks, or long-term goals. It can be used for sprints in Scrum or Agile or as a simple list.

Each task on the board has three possible statuses: Todo, Doing, Done. You move the tasks between statuses by dragging the task to the proper section on the board or using the shortcuts.

You can move tasks to other boards in two ways. When you complete the board, you can move all unfinished tasks to a new or existing board. You can also move a single task on an active board to another active board.

Can I work on it with my team?

Not yet, maybe. We are thinking about allowing you to share boards with other people. It would be great to have it.
For now, Boardly works on a single-user basis.

Of course, you can team account with a team email. Everyone can log in separately and work with the board.

I want something like this for my team.

Our primary product is called TeamHQ. It uses the simplest board method and layout, and we designed it to work with teams.

Boards in TeamHQ implement the concept of sprints, so that you can plan on a timed interval basis. We also help you organize your tasks into projects and even plan long-term with simple roadmaps.

Checkout TeamHQ to learn more.

Is Boardly in Beta right now?

Yes, Boardly App is currently in Beta mode. We are testing existing features and adding a few more.

We'd really appreacite any feedback on the app, feature usablity, bugs, etc. Use our feedback link at the bottom of the page to provide quick feedback.