About Boardly

What is Boardly

Boardly is brought to you by The Simplest Planning Group from TeamHQ. We've built the simplest planning board to test out the new features of Hotwire, a collection of tools that offers an alternative way to build modern web applications.

We've enjoyed the process of learning Hotwire and, in the moment, decided to release our simple planning board app as a showcase for how we used Hotwire. We also realized that simplicity is key to planning, and most tools, even the one we're building right now (TeamHQ), are often too complex for many people. Sometimes you want to have a list of tasks without the bells and whistles.

Boardly's Method

Boardly's not just another todo list with tasks that you check off. We based it on our new approach to planning. Simplicity is key. There are three sections in every board. Todo, Doing and Done.

Tasks that you haven't started on yet are in the Todo section. Anything you're currently working on is in Doing section. And whatever you have completed with is in Done section.

A board is active until you complete it. When you complete the board, you have an option to move unfinished tasks to an existing board, new board or leave them in the current board. You can also move tasks between boards.

This process gives you the control over your work and the simplicity of planning you crave.

No bells, no whistles.

Our Promise

We hope you enjoy using Boardly. We'll improve it from time to timem, make it faster, more user-friendly, but we will never make Boardly complex. Ever.